Demon's Head - Joseph Zhou

Kyssandra approached the gate with caution. Even in death, Belphegor grinned to reveal more secrets.

Demon's Head - 11×17" Print
  • Hand signed by Joseph Zhou

  • Open edition print

  • Full bleed, no margin

  • Paper Size: 11" wide × 17" tall

  • Paper Type: light card stock with gloss

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The heroine of my story - Kyssandra.

Kyssandra is a half-demon shaman with a haunted past that embarks on a quest to save her sister, Lynnara.

Lynnara is in the clutches of the incubus Aeralan.

Aeralan seduces women in order to steal their souls.

During the next few months, I will be painting all three of these characters in detail.

Decades ago, the incubus Aeralan killed Belphegor, one of seven demon princes of the Underworld. Aeralan now uses Belphegor's skull as his front door decoration. In the painting Demon’s Head, Kyssandra is about to venture into Aeralan's lair after journeying and encountering the most dangerous beings throughout this dark fantasy world. Kyssandra needs to rescue her sister before Aeralan consumes her soul.